Consultations & Coaching

1:1 Virtual Consultations

 Utilizing bio-resonance and any additional selected services, clients work 1:1 with a practitioner on their journey. Working together, they take a bio-individual and customized approach through a thoughtful order of operations toward greater well-being.

Clients meet with their practitioners through virtual consultations. The minimum average amount of time a client works with a practitioner is six months, allowing opportunities to successfully implement changes through tailored protocols and see (and feel!) progress.

Booking a consultation is separate; the cost of consultations is not included in scan pricing.

Please note: These services are best suited for those ready to commit to the process and investment of working alongside a holistic practitioner. Also, we encourage clients to discuss any changes with their appropriately licensed provider. It’s important to note that these services do not take place or serve as medical advice/care.

Steps to Apply to Work Together

The first step in working together to reviewing our inquiry guide. You can also request a copy of the latest inquiry guide here.  
This guide contains links to apply to wortk with associate practitioners who are taking new clients.

Using the link(s) provided in the inquiry guide, you can submit an application to work with an associate. Once your application is approved, your practitioner will send an email inviting you to schedule a 20-minute free Discovery Call. This call serves as a meet-and-greet and allows you time to ask questions and learn more about the process, pricing, and more. If both parties decide it’s a good fit to work together and you move forward, your practitioner will ask you to pay a $50 non-refundable enrollment fee. This confirms your interest and reserves your spot to get started.

Common Questions

Can I just order a scan seperately or do I have to work with a practitioner?

We do not provide scan-only purchases/services. Due to the amount of information on the scan report and our desire to responsibly and thoroughly provide support, we require clients to work with a practitioner. Our associate practitioners understand how to review the information on scan reports and communicate how to use the information with their clients. They also support clients with protocol considerations and how one might implement changes as needed.

Here’s a page that introduces the bio-resonance scan options. New clients usually start with a Comprehensive Scan (or a Nourishment Scan). 

How much can I expect to financially invest?

We like being transparent about costs upfront so clients can best prepare to work with a member of our team. The exact cost will depend on what specific services a client chooses along their journey, but here is a general idea:

Starting out costs:
Comprehensive Scan- $349 (if ordering a Nourishment Scan it is $275)
Booking the initial 90-minute consultation & scan review- $335
Placing an order for your protocol ranges from $150-400

Continuing the process/additional support:
Throughout the time working with their practitioners, clients usually place orders for two or three Follow-Up Scans ($199 each). The average protocol/time between scans and consults is 6-8 weeks.
Consultations for reviewing information, asking questions, and support with their practitioner range depending on which option is chosen.
30 Minute Follow-Up Consultation- $185
60 Minute Follow-Up Consultation- $250
90 Minute Follow-Up Consultation- $335

The exact amount of follow-ups and consultations is something to discuss with your practitioner. Some clients save money by ordering a Regimen Scan to just update their protocol considerations in place of one of the Follow-Up Scans. The price of a Regimen Scan is $95.


How much support is included in the consultation cost? What kind of support will I get working with a practitioner?

Our practitioners spend a significant amount of time preparing for consultations, reviewing scan information, completing post-consult notes, and more for their clients. Pricing includes limited email support. If an answer is beyond a “yes” or “no” or does not directly involve logistics such as placing an order, clients will need to book a consultation with their practitioner. Booking a consultation (even a 30-minute consultation) provides the necessary time to provide the best support and answer questions thoroughly. Starting in February 2024, clients will also have the option to sign up to use Voxer, where they can communicate with their practitioner during Voxer office hours for one hour two days a week. This cost will be $99/month for one person. Any additional person will be $50/month.

What is the average cost of a protocol?

This will range depending on the client, but the average cost of a protocol ranges from $200-300+. Your practitioner will help you order products. Products considered include a variety of professional & high-grade brands; this may include herbals, homeopathy, etc. Products considered depending on a client’s needs and his or her bio-resonance scan results. *Please discuss changes to your routine with your doctor*.

How long will the ideal commitment be?

This is also dependent on the individual and his or her needs, but most clients work with a practitioner for an average of 6 months. We have some clients who continue working on “maintenance” support for longer and remain an active client by running a scan every few months.

What does "active status" mean?

After four months of no activity or communication with a practitioner, a client will lose access to ordering scans or their client portal account. The reason for this is that we do not want clients to lose much momentum in their process. Practitioners spend significant time doing back-end work to prepare for and support their clients. It is too difficult to jump back into a protocol after a lot of time has passed. Unless otherwise discussed with the practitioner, clients are considered inactive after they do not order, consult, or communicate otherwise for four months.

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