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Bio-Resonance Scans

Combining the power of bio-resonance and a root-cause approach, clients work with a practitioner towards greater health and well-being. Information about available bio-resonance scans can be found below. New clients begin with a Comprehensive Scan.
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Take a look at the big picture!

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Bio-Energetically Stressed Organs and Systems

Food & Environmental Sensitivities

Nutritional Imbalances

Hormonal Imbalances

Energetic Toxins

Complimentary Therapies


Comprehensive Scan


 New clients begin with a Comprehensive Scan.

The Comprehensive Scan provides a “full picture” of energetic dysfunction in the body by breaking down a variety of stressed areas. This serves as a great starting point for looking at what may help bring the body back into balance through customized protocols, as well as complimentary modalities and supplement considerations.

The Comprehensive Scan provides insight into the following:

Most stressed systems: this section shows where we can start supporting areas and systems of the body that are most stressed.

Food & environmental sensitivities: this section scans for 350+ food and environmental sensitivities for insight into which may be problematic. We like to remind our clients that it’s not always the food’s fault! Many find they feel better when reintroducing items after a layer of underlying toxicity is addressed. This scan checks for energetic sensitivities.

Nutritional imbalances: this section provides insight into energetically-scanned low levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.

Hormones: this section provides insight into the top three to four energetically-scanned hormones out of range that may benefit from focused support.

Resonating toxins: this section scans for over 1,000 different resonating toxins including parasites, molds, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and more. This scan checks for energetic exposure to these toxins.

Other factors: this section scans for additional areas of possible energetic stress exposure and imbalance. Depending on the individual, it may include dental health, misalignments, histamine, MCAS, as well as common chemical sensitivities from regular exposure (i.e. chlorine).

Complimentary therapies: this section provides insight into where clients can put a bigger focus if they have access to specific supportive modalities and resources.

Emotions: This section allows us a peek into resonating emotional aspects that may be impacting one’s well-being.

The Comprehensive Scan also includes a customized regimen, which includes a list of top products and supplements that support balance in the body, allowing clients to make informed choices and prioritize supplemental options, without the added overwhelm of a mile-long list of products.  

Keeping this Season in Mind

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Nourishment Scan


Created with those pregnant, breastfeeding, or focused on pre-conception planning in mind

Because these are times for nourishing the body, we felt the name was fitting! The only difference between The Nourishment Scan and the Comprehensive Scan is that this scan does not include resonating toxins.

The Nourishment Scan provides insight into the following areas:

  • Most stressed systems
  • Food & environmental sensitivities
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Hormones
  • Emotions
  • Complimentary therapies
  • Customized regimen
  • And more


Individual System & Organ Add-ons

$65 each

Dive deeper into specific areas

Individual scans of body systems and organs can be added onto orders for further customization to check for imbalance and do a deeper dive into individual systems. Clients might choose to include add-ons if they are experiencing more symptoms in a specific area.

Here is a list of the most common add-ons:

  • blood
  • brain
  • breast
  • digestive system
  • ear
  • emotions
  • eye
  • gallbladder
  • heart
  • joint & connective tissue
  • liver
  • lungs
  • pancreas
  • sinus & skin
  • sleep
  • weight


Taking a Closer Look

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Taking a Closer Look

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After the Bite


Scanning for energetic stressors related to insect-born pathogens


This add-on scans for energetic resonating tick and insect-borne pathogens, including borrelia, co-infections, toxoplasma, as well as common viruses (such as EBV, CMV, etc.) that tend to accompany Lyme & co-infections.

As a reminder, bio-resonance scans are not diagnostic and should not replace standard western medicine tests.

Follow-up Scan


Checking progress along the journey and providing next steps


The Follow-up Scan helps clients track progress and look at additional layers of stress throughout their journey while allowing costs to remain lower. The Follow-up Scan provides insight into:

  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Areas of Priority Focus
  • Complimentary therapies
  • Customized regimen considerations
  • Additional factors that may be contributing to stress in the body

Most clients run their first Follow-up Scan about six to eight weeks after their initial Comprehensive Scan.

Checking Your Progress

Updating Next Steps

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Regimen Scan


Honor bio-individuality with balancing products


Between Comprehensive and Follow-up Scans, some clients choose to order a Regimen Scan at a later point.

The Regimen Scan checks for balancing remedies and supplements, allowing clients to update their protocol and further customize the process. Opting for this scan can be a great way to save on costs.

Please note: The Regimen Scan does not check for resonating stressors. It only includes the protocol and balancing remedies for product considerations for you to review. As always, please discuss changes with your appropriate healthcare provider.


Working with a Practitioner 


Client partner with a practitioner to do a deep dive of their health history and scan results to tailor their experience to best fit their needs. Visit our Consultations & Coaching page to learn more about working with one of our associate practitioners.

We do not offer scan-only services. In order to best support a client through this process and utilize the information accordingly, a consultation must be booked with a practitioner to review results. 


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