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Bio-Resonance Scans

The body is made up of energy, and that energy is measurable. Everything has its own energetic charge and vibration. Tissues of the body, words, emotions, toxins, pathogens- every bit of matter contains a unique “frequency signature”.

Bio-resonance testing is an insightful tool used to measure these signatures and identify resonating toxins and find solutions for getting the body back into a state of balance. Through bio-resonance, we look at specific frequencies in the body and how they may be impacting the body’s synergistic systems.

Bio-resonance is not diagnostic; it does not replace nor is intended to be confused with types of western medicine testing.

This process reads energetic resonance that emanates from hair and saliva samples. Using an individual’s samples, we can scan against thousands of frequencies and energetic codes to
see what matches up with what an individual is resonating with. Our scans measure your energy against specific toxins (parasites, bacteria, chemicals, metals, molds, viruses, and more) to see which ones you specifically attract to. We can also scan samples against foods, sensitivities, hormones, deficiencies, and supplements to see what may help bring the body closer to balance.

Utilizing bio-resonance scans and additional services, clients work 1:1 with a practitioner on their journey to a healthier life. Please read below for more information on our pricing, services, and about consultations. 

1:1 Virtual Consultations

Our associate practitioners provide support through 1:1 virtual consultations and scan reviews with clients.

Working 1:1 with their practitioner, new clients begin by placing an order for a Comprehensive Scan. Once results are complete, clients book a Comprehensive Scan review consultation with their chosen practitioner to discuss health history, and bio-individual needs, and learn foundational health and lifestyle tips they can start implementing. Throughout the journey, clients continue with updating their protocol and checking progress with Follow-Up Scans, and meeting with their practitioners for further customized support.

Friendly Note: The reality is that healing is a journey; there is no quick fix. Our associate practitioners work extremely hard behind the scenes and pride themselves in coming alongside individuals and families in their pursuit of greater well-being. To provide clients with the most effective support, we do not  recommend seeking one-and-done consultations.

Our services are best suited to those committed to the process of working, at minimum, six months with a practitioners. During this time, the average client orders at least two Comprehensive Scans, and two to three Follow Up Scans to track progress along the way.

At this time, we have two incredible associate practitioners clients can choose to work with on their journey. Learn more about Sophia and Ashley HERE!

Comprehensive Scan

Price: $349

The first scan included in a client’s booking process is a Comprehensive Bio-resonance Scan. This scan provides a look at the “big picture” and allows us to deep dive into bio-individual resonating pathogens, environmental toxins, nutritional imbalances, and sensitivities.

The Comprehensive Scan provides a full picture of energetic dysfunction in the body by breaking down the most stressed areas. It provides a great starting point for how to bring the body back into balance through customized protocols, as well as supportive lifestyle and supplement options. It’s important to note that this scan, nor any scan or service provided, is not diagnostic.

Once scan results are complete, clients work with an associate practitioner to review their scan report results, highlighting areas of energetically-stressed imbalances, deficiencies, and resonating toxins that may be negatively impacting the body. The report will also provide resonating products and additional modalities to support bringing the body back into balance.


It’s all designed specifically for the individual!


Bio-Energetically Stressed Systems

Resonating Food & Environmental Sensitivity Signatures

Resonating Nutritional Imbalances

Hormonal Signatures

Energetic Toxins

Other Factors & Complimentary Therapies

Emotional Well-being Signatures

Additional Scans & Add-Ons

Nourishment Scan


The Nourishment Scan is designed with those pregnant, breastfeeding, or interested in preconception planning in mind. It allows us to focus on overall support during these seasons.

After the Bite


The After the Bite add-on checks for resonating tick and insect-borne pathogens, including borrelia, co-infections, toxoplasma, as well as common viruses that tend to accompany Lyme & co-infections.

Individual Systems & Organs


Individual scans of body systems and organs can be added for further customization to check for imbalance and do a deeper dive into a specific area. These add-ons can be helpful when one is experiencing symptoms specific to a certain system.

Follow-Up Scans


Follow Up Scans allow us to track progress and look at additional layers of stress after an initial Comprehensive Scan.

Regimen Scan


The Regimen Scan provides insight into protocol updates and is great for further customizing the process.

Functional Bloodwork

Starting at $145

In addition to bio-resonance testing, we provide clients with an option to include functional blood work to utilize alongside their scan results.

Get the E-Book:

After the Bite

An all-in-one guide on what to do if you were exposed to a tick bite! Including protocols, testing info, symptom check sheets, resources, recipes and more!


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