Kristy Robinson

PANS and PANDAS are two pediatric neurological conditions that affect thousands of children per year. Unfortunately, many children with these conditions are misdiagnosed as having a psychiatric illness or mental disorder. This may lead to treatment with medications and psychotropic drugs to manage their symptoms — even though this will not remove the root cause for their symptoms. Misdiagnosis with Tourette’s, bipolar disorder, depersonalization, clinical depression, and ADHD are common amongst children with PANS or PANDAS.

The difference between PANS and PANDA is this: PANDAS is required that symptoms be associated with a strep infection. PANS has been reported to occur in association with a variety of infections including influenza, varicella, mycoplasma pneumoniae, Lyme disease, etc.

Most often the symptoms rapidly occur… sometimes seemingly overnight (but not always). A previously healthy child may quickly regress with symptoms such as separation anxiety, OCD, compulsive behavior, anger and frustration, regression of handwriting, new fears, restrictive eating, tics, etc.

Bio resonance + blood work is my preferred way of testing and addressing, as most of the infections that come with pans/pandas are often missed through conventional testing. Other common toxins to consider are glyphosate, jab injuries, heavy metals and parasites.